Wednesday, April 19

Steve Cohen talks on John Batchelor's show about Theodore Postol

See also my April 24 post, A neuropharmacologist debunks use of sarin in the Khan Shaykhun incident.  The evidence presented is staggering when one considers the number of governments and news organizations that have ignored the true symptoms of sarin poisoning.

The short explanation, for readers who've been following this fast-developing story at my blog and elsewhere during the past week, is that on April 18 on the John Batchelor Show, Russia expert Stephen F. Cohen discussed Theodore Postol's critique of the 'intelligence' report that the White House used to rationalize a missile strike against a Syrian air base on the night of April 6 Washington time.

Steve's specific mention of Postol's critique starts at the 15:14 minute mark on the podcast of the discussion, although the segue to the discussion starts at 13:00.     

Steve Cohen weighing in on Postol's assessment of both the chemical incident and the White House report on the incident is big news. The news will get even bigger later today when The Nation publishes James Carden's report on Postol's findings.  

(Update 1:15 PM ET:  The interview has been published.) 

As to what now -- [looking at her watch] we wait for the dawn. Wait for the news of Steve's discussion with John to make its way around Washington and other world capitals, wait for James Carden's report.

Wait, and pray. 


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