Thursday, April 13

US report on Syrian chemical incident already looks like Swiss cheese

First Theodore Postol began poking holes in the report. Then "b" at Moon of Alabama took a few whacks at it. Robert Parry also got into the act. All we need now is some bread and mayonnaise. And the report has only been in the public eye for two days; a few more days of scrutiny by independent observers and we'll have creamed cheese.   

From b's very funny takedown, published yesterday at MoA, White House "Intelligence Assessment" Is No-Such-Thing: Shows Support for Al-Qaeda:


The claimed assessment starts with a definitely false claim: "We assess that Damascus launched this chemical attack in response to an opposition offensive in Hama province that threatened key infrastructure."

The Hama offensive had failed two weeks ago. Since then the Syrian army has regained all areas the al-Qaeda "opposition" had captured during the first few days. Key infrastructure had never been seriously threatened by it. Over 2,000 al-Qaeda fighters were killed in the endeavor.

Peto Lucem, a well known and reliable source for accurate maps of the war on Syria, posted on March 31, four days before the chemical incident:
Peto Lucem @PetoLucemNEW MAP: "Rebel" frontline in #Hama is collapsing, #SAA reverses most #AlQaeda gains made in first days of their failed offensive. #Syria
The attack in Hama had already failed days before the chemical incident in Khan Shaykhun happened. Khan Shaykhun is far from the front line. The incident and the failed al-Qaeda attack in Hama cannot possibly be related. It would make no sense at all to launch a militarily useless incident in a place far away "in response" to a defeat of the enemy elsewhere. (The Defense Intelligence Agency likely never signed off on such an objectively false claim.)


b was just getting warmed up. You should read the whole thing but I can't resist also quoting this part:
Several of the released videos [of purported victims of the chemical attack] were introduced and commented on by "Dr. Shajul Islam," who has been removed from the British medical registry and had been indicted in the UK for his role in kidnapping "western" journalists in Syria. He fled back to Syria. The videos he distributed of "rescued" casualties of the chemical incidents were not of real emergencies but staged. James Foley, one of the journalists kidnapped with the help of Dr. Shajul Islam, was later murdered on camera by the Islamic State.
So does this suggest that U.S. intelligence assessments in the Trump Era will be put together by imbeciles? Well, b makes the point that this wasn't a real intelligence briefing. But on the basis of findings that shouted 'fake,' President Trump rationalized launching missile strikes at a Syrian air base. That's scary when you stop to think about it.



Col. B. Bunny said...

There are many anomalies about his supposed attack.

The size of the crater in the road indicates an explosive charge was used that was more than what was needed to split open a container of liquid agent. Too, there is nothing in the crater to indicate the axis of the explosion. Rather, it is amorphous in shape. OPCW could provide insight as the Russians and Assad urge but that's not on the menu so far.

Nor have any other components of the supposed delivery device been produced. Just the ruptured tube. The heat from the explosives must have vaporized all other components of the device EXCEPT the tube pictured in the crater. Again, too large a charge and you consume sarin.

The photos of the "victims" are suspicious. Several show children and men partially stripped of outer clothing but not of underpants and shirts. Apparently the White Helmets thought these had not been contaminated, only trousers. A woman appears to be a victim as well but was not stripped. So people were willing to pose for photos but only if their modesty could be preserved. Certainly the woman couldn't be asked to pose in her underwear.

The victims also appear to have fallen where they were exposed, not carried to the site. What we're all those people doing at that site at that hour and what is at that site that drew them there?

And what are their names and addresses and where were all the victims exposed? Weren't there hundreds? Let's have a map and see if it matches with location of the device and saturation that could have been achieved from that one tube.

Pundita said...

Good point about the partially-removed clothing! And the location of the victims. And there's more, much more. Very sloppy false-flag op but then they didn't need to be thorough; they knew the will to believe in the MSM Western governments would smooth over the anomalies for them.

Pundita said...

Col. -- Please see this, which I published just a few hours ago:

"A neuropharmacologist debunks use of sarin in the Khan Shaykhun incident"

O'Brien also notes the same curiosity you did about the underwear, but it turns out the underwear, always shown in the videos as clean, are important evidence that the victims were not exposed to sarin!