Monday, April 3

Note re Bajrangi Bhaijaan movie uploaded to YouTube

I removed the link from my post to a version of the movie at YouTube that I'd mentioned in my April 2 post. A reader reported that the video was blocked at YouTube with a "private video" message.  So if you were saving that post and planning to watch the movie later on, do so by directly accessing it at YouTube site, not from my blog.   

If that sounds a little complicated or unclear -- yeah, well, the world of copyrights and YouTube is complicated,I've been finding out this past year, when I started watching a lot of music videos at the site. And this is only the fourth time I've ever watched a movie at YouTube -- or anywhere online, for that matter.

A few more notes I added to the updated April 2 post:

As I noted in my discussion (now deleted) about that particular (High Definition) video, it had English subtitles but the 'quality' of the video wasn't good, at least not on my browser. By this I meant that the frames at the extreme right and bottom were cut off.  

However, the video is still watchable and it's the only one I've found at YouTube that has complete English subtitles. So if you want to watch that particular video, access it directly from the YouTube site.

The title of the video:

"bajrangi bhaijaan with English Subtitles Best Quality (HD)"
Uploaded by "Bollywood World"
Length 3:12:27

An earlier version I watched  had 5 second ads breaking into the film two or three times but only during the first half hour; those who use ad blockers for YouTube of course won't have the problem.  

I think your best bet is just to buy or rent the movie, but I can't recommend a seller because the options I've seen online are bewildering to me. And there seems to be no assurance from these sellers that the English subtitles are any good. 

I did watch the entire movie yesterday. It's definitely worth the effort to watch, but for audiences that don't speak Hindi, how to watch it is the question.


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