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Melania Trump honors a Syrian Christian nun who then speaks truth to demonic power

"It's good to know the spirit of Jesus is still alive in the East, however hard we work to eradicate it." -- John F

From the Sic Semper Tyrannis comment section, posted at 3:00 AM on April 16:
johnf said...
It's Easter Sunday. Christ has arisen. Amid darkness, a light at Easter.
First Lady Melania Trump awarded the 2017 International Women of Courage Award to Sister Carolin Tahhan Fachakh of Syria during a ceremony at the U.S. Department of State in Washington, D.C.
Sister Carolin had some decidedly awkward opinions of her own which she didn't hesitate to express:
"Sister Carolin Tahhan Fachakh of the Salesian Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, who runs a nursery school in Damascus, Syria, told reporters Tuesday that she “likes” the Syrian strongman [Syrian President Bashar al-Assad], and that he’s been very helpful and protective of Christians in the country...
Tahhan also said she believes there’s no truth to the reports that it was al-Assad who used Sarin gas to target a civilian population last week, an allegation which prompted the Trump administration to bomb a military base in Syria...
Tahhan described Trump’s decision to bomb the Shayrat Air Base, the alleged source of the chemical attack, as “a step back from peace.”
“Every time we say there is hope for peace, let’s move forward, something happens to set us back. The situation is ugly now...
Tahhan also said that she doubts al-Assad launched the chemical weapon attack in April because he knew the eyes of the world were on him and Syria, and that the threat of the U.S. or another country bombing as a response was real.
The sister regretted the fact that Syrian children are being raised in a “culture of war,” capable of distinguishing from their sound the difference between a cannon shot or a missile....
Therefore, together with other Franciscan sisters who run the school, they try to offer them a climate of peace and serenity, “where every child who is in need can play in the big courtyard and study.”
Asked about the international perception of al-Assad being a “monster” or a dictator, she responded: “I like our president. He’s very close to us, as is the first lady. They’re very close to the Church. Speak easily, call him a dictator, but to me, he’s not. We’re at ease.”...
Tahhan is not only defiantly against the portrait of al-Assad given in the West. She also challenges the perception that Muslims and Christians cannot coexist peacefully in Syria, saying that to this day, six years into the war, most still get along.
The problem, she said, is terrorism, not Islam.
Beyond the school for children, the Salesians in Baghdad also run a school to train women in sewing and tailoring. In the past 7 years, more than 500 woman have attended class.
“The majority are Muslims. If I said we would only choose Christians, then I would become a fanatic myself,” Tahhan said.
“When a missile falls or there’s an explosion,” she continued, “many Muslims knock on our door and ask, ‘Sister, are you OK? Do you need anything?'”
It's good to know the spirit of Jesus is still alive in the East, however hard we work to eradicate it.
John's comment was in response to the April 15 post at SST by "Publius Tacitus," Video Evidence of False Claims Made in the White House Intelligence Report of April 11, 2017 by Ted Postol, which begins with these words:
Here is the third paper by Professor Emeritus Theodore "Ted" Postol on the alleged Syrian Government chemical weapons attack. To reiterate --there was no Syrian Government chemical weapon attack.
Video Evidence of False Claims Made in the White House Intelligence Report of April 11, 2017
Theodore A. Postol
Professor Emeritus of Science, Technology, and National Security Policy
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
This is my third report assessing the White House intelligence Report of April 11, 2017.
This report provides unambiguous evidence that the White House Intelligence Report (WHR) of April 11, 2017 contains false and misleading claims that could not possibly have been accepted in any professional review by impartial intelligence experts.
The WHR was produced by the National Security Council under the oversight of the National Security Advisor, Lieutenant General H. R. McMaster.
Dr Postol's first report is titled A Quick Turnaround Assessment of the White House Intelligence Report Issued on April 11, 2017 about the Nerve Agent Attack in Khan Shaykhun, Syria.  

His second report is an addendum to the first one, which The Unz Review published in HTML along with the first report.


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