Friday, May 23

Aside to FreeSpeechers

Regarding my earlier post today, I think Dr Stephen Diamond's distinction between "racialism" and racism is also useful for understanding some of the tactics of Elmasry, the Sock Puppet Three, and their entire cadre.

Months ago a sharp-eyed reader pointed out to me that the puppets had referred to Mark Steyn's criticism of Muslim extremists as "racist." After that heads up I began to notice that a few other critics of Steyn dialed up the race card -- and that one critic had gone so far as to refer to Muslims as a 'race.'

I note with a laugh that Steyn is more than a match for the race baiters. See his Keepin' It Unreal.

However, I also note that former terrorist organization leader William Ayers and his education cadre are so slick-tongued that even the Muslim Brotherhood could take lessons from them; my question, since pondering Diamond's discussions, is whether they already have.

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