Sunday, May 4

Larry Johnson exposes Barack Obama's work for terrorist William Ayers, plus Ali Ata testimony at Rezko trial gives Obama camp nightmares

Somehow in the tumult I missed Larry Johnson's May 3 entry. Several days ago I saw that he mentioned on his blog No Quarter that Obama had worked for Ayers; since then I'd been patiently waiting for Larry to explain himself. He has. (H/T Rezko Watch) I hope someone thought to email the news to Sean Hannity, although it may have already picked it up.

Hannity and Johnson. Now there's a combo. Obama is actually turning out to be the Great Unifier, but not in the way his campaign strategists could have imagined.

I myself, having spent years sticking pins in my Ambassador Joseph Wilson doll (it's a long story having to do with Nigerian yellowcake), am urging you to read what B'rer Joe has to say about Obama's qualifications in the area of foreign policy. I never thought I would see myself writing these words but Wilson's analysis is dead on target.

As for the contribution of the Rezko prosecution's final star witness, read on. (H/T Rezkorama)

Yes indeed, the Democratic National Convention should be more fun than a barrel of monkeys, except for the auto de fé part. Don't worry; after being boiled in oil and drawn and quartered Dean won't feel a thing.

For the sadists asking, 'Where's our fun?' Well, you could always go to Rezko Watch and read the latest Fact Checker, which could be subtitled "Watch Superdelegates chew their fingernails up to the elbow."
Kudos on intellectual honesty. No matter what you think of Joe Wilson and me, we are loyal Americans and committed to the truth. That's why I'm pushing to get the story out on Obama's ties to extreme leftists who hate America.
Larry Johnson
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May 6 Update
Here is more -- much more -- about the connection between Ayers and Obama.

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