Monday, May 12

Marc Lemire thanks those who have written in defense of free speech in Canada. Pundita proudly squeezes into the group photo.

Thanks very much for your latest write up on my Section 13 case.

Unlike the enemies of free speech who want to shut down all dialogue, you have shown to be open minded, fair and honest.

Many thanks. You are part of the fight against thought control in Canada.

We will win in the end. Believe me.

And we will win because we struck at the root, not the branches. To borrow the famous quote.

My attorney and a true expert witness brought forward testimony to discredit the Cohen Committee findings. That got the censors' attention big time.

Prior to that they laughed at us and gave me no chance. A year later, every major newspaper have written against Section 13. Now that's not due to me only. I just provided factual background on my case.

The writers and thinkers of Canada and the United States took on the fight.

I am a horrible writer, and public speaker. I was forced into doing it since for a while no one else did. But times have changed. And believe me for the better.

I'm more at home fixing the IOS of a Cisco Catalyst switch. Than putting my thoughts down on paper.

That's why I thank you. I thank Barbara Kulaszka. I thank Paul Fromm. I thank Douglas Christie. I also thank Mark Steyn, Ezra Levant, FreeDominion, the blogosphere and all others who care about freedom of speech.
Marc Lemire
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