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SMOG ALERT: Are you a dumb-ass Democrat? Then of course you'll vote for Hillary Clinton!

Since I began writing about Barack Obama, I managed to hold onto my sense of humor about members of the news media who are in the tank for Barack Obama. But my patience has just run out.

The final straw is the May 5 Newsweek cover, which features arugula (representing the intelligent, well-educated Democrat) and a stein of beer (representing Democrat cretins who sport NASCAR stickers on their pick-up trucks).

Just in case the symbolism escapes the well-educated Democrat voter in North Carolina and Indiana, Newsweek pounds home the point with the blurb Obama's Bubba Gap.

The accompanying article, authored by Evan Thomas, Holly Bailey and Richard Wolffe, takes the Democrat voter by the hand and carefully signifies why no intelligent person should be caught dead voting for Hillary Clinton:
[...] Obama might win [NYT columnist David] Brooks back if he returned to his high-mindedness and stopped pandering. But winning over the great mass of American voters is tricky.

Obama has stood for change, and when it comes to changing politics, many Americans are with him. But change, more broadly imagined, is threatening to a lot of people, and not just high-school dropouts who own guns and live in rust-belt states.

McCain, too, is out preaching change—attacking the political arena of Washington, where he has worked for more than two decades. But McCain drapes himself in red, white and blue; he is a thoroughly familiar figure, the war hero.

Obama represents something newer and stranger in presidential politics, a black man with a Harvard degree who reads Niebuhr but is perfectly at home shooting hoops on a Chicago playground. To get the Democratic nomination, and to win the presidency, Obama has to show that he is not just a rock-star speechifier -- or a worn-down pol trying to limp over the goal line without saying something that could possibly be used against him. He has to show voters who he really is. Most of them still don't know.[...]
Of course nowhere do the authors actually say that only a Democrat who can't spell 'cat' would vote for Hillary Clinton, but I will not insult weasels by comparing their behavior to that of the Newsweek editorial board. The article is simply an example of how sneaky humans act when confronted with a huge problem of their own making.

True, even at this late stage, many voters do not know who Barack Obama is. Yet no small part of the blame for the knowledge deficit goes to the mainstream news media.

The upshot was evident recently, when Jack Cafferty asked over and over again, with no attempt to hide his panic, whether anybody understood what would happen if Obama didn't get the nomination. Translation: Blacks and Code Pink will riot against the Democrat party.

CNN should have thought of that while they used air time to crank out puff pieces on Obama.

Barack Obama is not suffering from a Bubba Gap. He's suffering from something called "human memory," as in people remembering that this is the fourth or fifth time they've had to defend Obama by saying that he shouldn't be judged by his associations.

People -- even PhDs who eat arugula -- tend to notice a pattern after its sucker-punched them. The pattern here is that Barack Obama has dangerous liaisons; how dangerous, the vast majority of voters have yet to discover.

Yet Newsweek studiously avoids mentioning that a public figure can only get away with saying, "I didn't know, I wasn't aware," so many times before people notice he's always in the neighborhood and only driving the getaway car.

Obama does indeed represent something strange in US presidential politics, but being a black man with a Harvard degree who reads Reinhold Niebuhr does not describe it.

"Strange" is Barack Obama throwing himself into Kenyan politics on the side of a cousin, Raila Odinga, who is drenched in human blood.

"Strange" is Dick Morris going on Fox News to announce that while he wouldn't vote for Obama, Hillary Clinton's presidential run is a "national emergency" -- yet not informing the Fox audience that he was hired to oversee Odinga's election strategy. And also forgetting to mention that he had to know, and that he knew Obama had to know, that Odinga had signed a memorandum of understanding with Kenya's hardline Islamists.

"Strange" is Barack Obama's close association with Jeremiah Wright, even while he knew of Wright's close association with Louis Farrakhan -- and even after he knew that Farrakhan had not denounced al Qaeda's public invitation to the Nation of Islam.

"Strange" is Barack Obama hooking his political rise in Chicago to Tony Rezko, a fixer with business ties to one of the richest men in the world, who has ties with the Baathist party.

There is indeed a national emergency in this country, but Hillary Clinton's candidacy didn't create it, and neither did the cadre that pushed Obama as a presidential candidate. The emergency was created by Americans on both sides of the political aisle who are too clever by half.

It was created by Americans such as Dick Morris who have a grudge to settle with the Clintons.

It was created by members of the news media who are willing to play Russian Roulette with this nation's security in their determination to bring a Democrat into the White House.

It was created by Republicans who decided it would be harder for the GOP to beat Clinton, so they sat on unpleasant information about Obama -- until they realized they may have sat too long.

Well now it's a little late in the day, isn't it, to attempt to explain to Obama's most ardent devotees that they are lambs to the slaughter.

Yet it may not be too late to point out to Democrats who have not made up their mind that the only "change" Obama stands for is one that does not bode well for the United States of America.
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