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Barack Obama Deny Everything! political campaign at DEFCON1: Operation Board Games arrives at John Batchelor Sunday Show

Big time Chicago crooks and their politician puppets will be mainlining tranquilizers this Sunday night when Evelyn Pringle sits down to talk with Batchelor.

Pringle is a columnist for OpEd News and an investigative journalist who specializes in exposing corruption in government and corporate America. Up to this point her reports on the hideously complex web of crime and corruption that is Chicago politics have been mostly confined to the blogosphere. That will change tomorrow. RezkoWatch reports today:
It is possible that Evelyn Pringle, author of the articles on "Operation Board Games" and "Curtain Time for Obama", may also be part of the New York [WABC-AM 77] broadcast; if not, she will be included in the second broadcast, 7-10 PM Pacific Time (10 PM -1 AM Eastern) at KFI-AM 640 in Los Angeles (live streaming at
What is Operation Board Games? It is Pringle's term for the huge dragnet cast by Patrick Fitzgerald, the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois.

The dragnet operation, which spanned years, has snared scores of key businesspeople and politicians who use various Chicago government-related boards for their personal enrichment.

There hasn't been a law enforcement project like this in Illinois since the days of Eliot Ness and his Untouchables. The Department of Justice wants Fitzgerald to clean up Artful Dodger City -- and Illinois residents who have suffered for generations under the rule of government-backed crooks are cheering him on.

So the Tony Rezko trial is just the first of the planned trials related to Operation Board Games. Where does Barack Obama fit into the operation? He figures in several places, not all of which have been untangled yet, but Pringle observes that Obama was:
"the inside guy in the Illinois senate as far as setting up the Health Facilities Planning Board to extort contributions from companies in exchange for the approval of applications to build medical facilities" ... (2)
Here the more high strung among Pundita readers might yell, "So they were running him for president so they could pardon them?"

That seems to have been the plan for their first choice for US President -- Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, according to Pringle's research. Eventually it dawned that he might have to spend his run for the White House sitting in a witness chair in a Chicago courtroom.

Yet even after they noticed the dragnet, Rezko assured someone who turned out to be a government witness that Patrick Fitzgerald would be removed from his post.(3)

Removed how? Rezko did not elaborate but Evelyn Pringle has been taking her life in her hands to play ferret. The Chicago "Combine" -- a combination of organized crime and politics -- is no joke.

That leads me to wonder whether Ahmed Yousef, the chief political advisor to Hamas, might have been displaying a droll sense of humor by saying that Barack Obama reminded him of John F. Kennedy. JFK's daddy was deeply involved with the Chicago Combine.

Here I'll give everyone a moment to race to Wikipedia to see what they can learn about William Ayers's daddy.

I do not know, and I am not entirely sure I want to know, whether Tom Ayers is directly involved with the Combine but every business player in Illinois who deals with government boards has to go along with the Chicago Way of doing business.

Here the well informed might ask, "So you're telling me that Plan B was to push a closet commie for president?"

I doubt that's how they saw it. But yes, there is a kind of poetic justice, or cosmic symmetry if you will, about Barack Obama's run for the White House. The Combine always knew that Tom Ayers's bomb-making kid and the kid's crew were foaming communists. But to keep peace with one of Chicago's more colorful political factions, they threw them bones in the form of grants and little education programs and whatnot.

Of course a strong communist sympathizer in the White House would tend to crash the very economic system that feeds the leeches who feed off American taxpayers. Yet it's a little late in the day for the Combine to recognize that when a man says, 'I will destroy America,' and backs this up with bomb-making, he is not shooting the breeze -- not with his kind of connections.

The Combine believed they could control the 'Black' vote for Obama through the network of black politicians and powerful public figures in Chicago and through this, maintain control over Obama.

It seems they neglected to consider the extensive network of communist or communist-leaning educators in America and the control the educators have over a significant segment of the nation's youth. In short, it seems the Combine overlooked the ability of the Youth Vote to run away with the program.

William Ayers is a powerful figure in the authoritarian "social justice" education movement, which is a polite way of describing non-card carrying communists and their sympathizers, but he is by no means the only figure in the movement, which again spans the United States, and which has close connections with foreign counterparts. As Professor Steve Diamond wrote in his May 23 post about Che Guevara:
[...] Che is a hero to the authoritarian "social justice" crowd and, amazingly, some in America's Schools of Education like UCLA's Peter McLaren. In some peculiar way I can excuse young and naive activists who think Guevara had something to do with "liberating" the Cuban people but once they reach drinking age they should know better. But the idea that Guevara has anything to contribute to theories of education for America is risible.

Interestingly, despite their shared admiration for Venezuelan strong man Hugo Chavez (have these guys ever met an opponent of U.S. foreign policy they do NOT like?) McLaren and Bill Ayers seem to be engaged in some kind of competition for the title of who can be the most absurdly authoritarian figure in American educational theory and policy.

Believe it or not McLaren's pseudo-Marxist theories of "oppression" are trumped in absurdity only by Ayers' argument that "white supremacy" is the critical factor explaining problems in U.S. schools.

And all of this in the pages of Columbia University's Teachers College Record, which brands itself "the voice of scholarship in education." Really?
See Diamond's post for links to points he references in the above excerpt.

Think all these educators are just a bunch of fringe nuts with no real power in American society? We'll talk next week about that happy delusion.

Is Barack Obama really a communist? Let me put it this way; you don't get to work for years for someone like William Ayers unless you agree with his point of view, and unless you're willing to do his bidding.

Of course it's still not known to the general public, outside a relatively small circle, that Obama worked for Ayers. And many who have learned this stunning fact from Steve Diamond's report are reacting like the proverbial deer in the headlights. As I noted the other day there is a horror tale-aspect to the story of Obama's run for the White House.

But one thing at a time. Americans outside Chicago -- and even many inside the city -- need to learn about the Combine, Operation Board Games, and Barack Obama's place in it. If you can't wait until the Batchelor interview with Pringle to get the background, a good place to start climbing the learning curve is by reading the RezkoWatch summary of Evelyn Pringle's massive research project. Then follow the trail of links in the summary.

(Monday update: Yay! Pringle is writing 'cliff notes' for her extensive writings on Operation Board Games! The first cheet sheet was published today at RezkoWatch. Also, the Pringle interview with Batchelor was aired around 8:35 PM on the WABC show. I'm hoping RezkoWatch can obtain the audio. From what Batchelor said last night I think Pringle will be returning a number of times to continue the saga for his audience.)

As to when Pringle's segment on John Batchelor is scheduled; I wrote Batchelor today to ask. He could only give a very tentative time (around 8:36 PM) if she appears on the WABC segment. And it's not finalized which broadcast she'll appear on.

However, there will be a number of other guests on the show, distributed over both broadcasts, to discuss issues related to Obama. So those who are closely following Obama's campaign might want to tune in for both broadcasts.

To continue with RezkoWatch's update:
[the WABC broadcast] Leads with John Bolton, who will comment on Sen. Obama's notion of negotiating face to face with Ahmadinejad, Assad, Raul, Chavez, without preconditions; Aaron Klein, talking about the Middle East, including Hamas in conjunction with Sen. Obama, and Larry Johnson of No Quarter will join the roundtable.
Other discussions related to Obama's campaign will be supplied by
... Natasha Korecki, who has been liveblogging the jury watch for the Tony Rezko trial; Anne Bayevsky of the Hudson Institute, who will hammer Obama on his "root causes" remark with regard Middle East; James Taranto of WSJ who hammers Sen. Obama routinely on everything, such as his foreign policy debate with himself; and John Fund from the WSJ.
Stay tuned.

1) The links I've provided for the broadcasts are for live streaming; and KFI archives podcasts of Batchelor's show.)

2) See RezkoWatch summary.

3) From Final Chapter - Curtain Time for Barack Obama by Evelyn Pringle, OpEd News, May 22, 2008:
The leader of the Board Game investigation, Fitzgerald, sat in court in the front row listening as [Assistant US Attorney Reid Schar] recounted testimony from witness, Ali Ata, who said Rezko told him, "Do not cooperate with the government, don't worry, the top federal prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, will be replaced."

Ata entered a guilty plea in another Rezko fraud case a week before the [Rezko] trial was set to end and agreed to testify as part of a plea agreement. During his testimony, Ata told the jury he spoke with Rezko as late as 2006, and Rezko told him "the plan will turn out just fine once the new U.S. Attorney gets into office."

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