Tuesday, May 17

Memo to Pakistan's ruling class: Wakey wakey

VOA, May 17:
Also Tuesday, Pakistani police say security forces foiled a major suicide attack in Quetta, the capital of southwestern Baluchistan province. Officials say five militants, including three women, were planning to attack an army checkpoint when police intercepted them. The attackers were killed in the resulting exchange of fire. Authorities say the women were Chechen.
Now of course one never knows about claims made by Pakistani "authorities" but if Chechen Black Widows are loose in Pakistan, ya'll got a problem.

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Madhu said...

Now, Pundita.

How can Pakistan hope to prevent Indian encirclement if not for the use of Black Widows? It's perfectly logical to unleash terror on your own population in an effort to protect yourselves from, er, other sorts of terror!

You must understand. Why, we would to the same in that situation.


I love Carl Prine's commentary (he's one of my favorites) and hate to pick on him, but this sort of thing drives me a bit batty:

Because these persistent terror attacks and Kashmiri subversion fall to the far left of the spectrum of conflict, Islamabad never risks nuclear Armageddon with New Dehli, a nation that cynically also sows the seeds of separatism in Pakistan and seeks to encircle the nation with enemies, including our current regime in Kabul.

Read more:

This strange American throat-clearing, where India and Pakistan must always be mentioned together and with parity. It blinds us strategically. Plus, last time I checked, the results of Indian encirclement simply means an Afghanistan able to protect its own borders. Pakistani machinations lead to lots of dead Pakistanis.

I will never understand the need to create a parity which is harmful to the very people the parity is meant to understand.