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Why are Bibi Netanyahu, ISAF Command, New America Foundation and U.S. State Dept. all crazy in exactly the same way? Euism is the answer.

Euism - Definition: The philosophy that negotiation and compromise supersede all other factors in human relations and the maintenance of civilization.

From the acronym for European Union, "EU." Pronunciation: E-Uism

History of the term

The basis of Euism arose in Western Europe in the wake of World War 2 when the protection of the U.S. military made it less necessary for European governments in the NATO pact to view foreign enemies as existential threats.

The view evolved into a philosophy with the establishment of the European Union and the success of its negotiation-based expansion, which was backed by the power of the U.S. military.

Today Euism dominates Western foreign-policy views and to such extent that, eerily, the U.S. Department of State is dominated by it. Even factions in the Pentagon that have confused Natoism (U.S. defense policy predicated on serving the NATO alliance) with Euism are dominated by Euist thinking.

(Due to the influence of Euism on international pop music and academic and corporate cultures, many young Americans who believe themselves to be socialists, radical centrists, pacifists or multiculturalists are actually Euists.)

Major benefits of Euism

There aren't any because Euism is based on a fallacy; i.e. that negotiated compromises are the solution to resolving life-threatening situations and conflicts. The fallacy is rooted in the highly illusory success of the European Union, which is actually based not on negotiation and compromise but on the unyielding principle of U.S. armed response to aggression against European nations in the NATO pact.

Major drawbacks of Euism

1. In its most extreme form it creates in the believer a schizoid break with reality including the inability to factor human nature into the human equation.

2. Because Euism is based on a fallacy it requires governments to take increasingly coercive measures to persuade their domestic populations to accept it, with an attendant backlash and increased coercion in response, thereby setting up a vicious cycle that leads to greater and great repression.

See the British National Party in the U.K. and concerns of even many Britons who abhor the BNP that the nation is becoming a de facto police state, the extreme 'rightward' turn of several political parties in EU nations, and growing EU-skepticism in the EU.

See also the uproar over French and Danish government violations of the Schengen Agreement and the Italian government's manipulation of the agreement to deal with its large influx of North African immigrants. (The Schengen Agreement represents one of the four pillars of the European Union.)

Or spend a couple hours going through the archives of the American anti-jihad blog, Gates of Vienna, which reports on many issues in the European Union that the American press quashes, and which has a large roster of European correspondents, tipsters, translators and readers.

In short, the greatest downside of Euism is that even when applied within the hothouse environment of the European Union it inexorably leads to the very conditions it seeks to overcome though elevating negotiated compromise to the supreme value in human affairs.

Examples of people who went insane practicing Euism

1. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who started in his political career as a reasonably sane Israeli right-wing hawk and ended up telling the U.S. Congress that he was willing to make "painful compromises" with people who practice Mao Zedong's "Fight Fight Talk Talk" tactic for obtaining Israel's destruction.

2. Every opinion expert at the Afghanistan Analysts Network gongo (government funded non-government nonprofit organization) and the New America Foundation who honestly believes that peace in Afghanistan can be achieved by negotiating with people who are so sadistic they would make a Nazi war criminal blanch.(1)

3. All ISAF commanders who hail from EU countries with the exception of Hungarians.

4. Vali Nasr, professor of international politics at the Fletcher School at Tufts University who served as senior State Department adviser on Afghanistan and Pakistan 2009-11. See Nasr's May 18 op-ed for the (London) Financial Times, America must hug Pakistan ever closer.

5. Everyone at the U.S. Department of State, White House National Security Council and the Pentagon who listened to Vali Nasr.

Is there a cure for the mental state arising from Euism?


Is there a way to protect one's children from adopting Euist philosophy?


1. Write on the back of the child's hand that human nature, which is rooted in mammalian nature, exists to further the survival of the human race and thus it's madness to attempt to force it to accept compromises it senses are suicidal.

2. Teach the child the history of World War 2 and the post-war period and the history of major multilateral institutions (e.g., World Bank, United Nations) founded in the spirit of negotiation, but which were created by the United States and backed by its military might.

1) See Cautious Optimism: Germany Mediates Secret US-Taliban Talks; Spiegel, May 24, 2011

The AAN "operates on core funding. In 2009 core funding was provided by the government of Sweden, in 2010 by the governments of Sweden and Norway. For 2011 funding will be provided by the governments of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands."

See New America Foundation's Afghanistan Study Group and its report A New Way Forward: Rethinking U.S. Strategy in Afghanistan.

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Received this emailed comment from a reader; I like it so much I'm posting it here:

"Is there a way to protect one's children from adopting Euist philosophy?"

Yes, hold frequent elections attended by the deaf and greedy