Thursday, November 15

New York Times translates The Fiscal Cliff into plain English

November 15, 2012:
Demystifying the Fiscal Impasse That Is Vexing Washington
By Jackie Calmes
The New York Times

Many Americans must be wondering: What is all this about a “fiscal cliff”? And why did it receive so little attention during the presidential campaign?

Well, it’s complicated — the so-called cliff, that is.
Not exactly the best way to start off, if the writer wants assure the reader that he knows what he's talking about. But all joking aside if you're mystified about the meaning of the cliff and how it all came about, the Q&A format is helpful. At least if he's wrong on any part, he's very clear. That always puts you ahead of the game because it's actually better to be clear and wrong than fuzzy and correct. This way, people can quickly identify your mistakes, whereas if you're right and fuzzy it can be centuries before your points are understood.

If all that's not entirely clear, well, it's complicated.

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