Thursday, November 1

Okay, Gen. Petraeus. Now you need your mouthpieces in the 'intelligence community' to explain why Tyrone Woods was making himself an easy target on the annex roof by using a laser spotter to call in an air strike on the mortar crew firing at the annex -- an air strike that never happened. Or do you want to lob this question to SecDef Panetta's mouthpieces?

The Fox News reports on the Benghazi Affair are reminding me of the old RAID insecticide cartoon commercial -- cockroaches scattering in every direction when they see the spray can and yelling, "It's RAID!" 

Hillary Clinton's mouthpieces are trying to get the lid back on. Max Fisher at the Washington Post, a conduit for State  Dept. views, worked himself in knots today in his attempt to pin blame for Ambassador Chris Stevens's death on -- Ambassador Stevens.

And David Petraeus's mouthpieces are scrambling to explain It Wasn't Us. See Greg Miller's report today for the Washington Post. CIA rushed to save diplomats as Libya attack was underway

(I don't blame Greg, who's a very good reporter. He's just passing along what his sources told him -- probably after they sat on his chest and recounted a few stories about reporters disappearing under the oddest circumstances because they didn't report quickly enough on what their sources told them.)

[flipping a pen in the air]  General Petraeus. Mrs Clinton. Mr Panetta.  Wouldn't it be simpler, if you want to save your agencies, if you stood up and told the American public in your own words what you know?  Made a clean breast of it?

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