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Thursday, March 10

Death leave my friend alone

Thank you; I'd never heard of this person before. From Wikipedia article he is a person of extraordinary accomplishments in addition to his inspiring faith in God. There are so many amazing people among us; it's just that the bad news of the day can make us lose sight of this. And so a blind man helps us see....
My pleasure. I'd not heard of him before but found his song noodling around after I listened to your choice posting.

I also found some wonderful African gospel videos of several Christian congregations in S. Africa that were also just wonderful. You see people clearly filled with the Spirit. I find those performances very moving as one born and reared in southern Africa. There's not a little nostalgia at work but I also think those videos help glimpse the truth that people who elevate themselves by leaving pettiness and hostility behind point the way to a brotherhood and sisterhood that is far, far more than anything envisioned by the SJWs.
Yes very definitely, and glad you found the videos. YouTube can be a wonderful place, I'm discovering; depends on how it's used. Never paid attention to it before last yr but it's the world's great commons.
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