Tuesday, March 15

How much does your voice convey your feelings? Hanging onto our humanity, Part 2

In the following video Senegalese singer Souleymane Faye sings "Senegal" at a TV station in 2014. You might wonder where an echo effect you sometimes hear in Faye's voice in that particular song is coming from. Nope, it's not the microphone. It's not the TV studio's acoustics.

This is the same singer who sang to Death to leave his friend Doudou N'Diaye Rose alone.

I've been told there used to be many among us who could direct their words to whatever natural force the tribe felt needed to be addressed, and that these were the first human singers. They were supposed to express to the greater Nature the feelings of everyone in the tribe through the feeling they put in their own voices. 

So, these singers were also the first 'speakers of the house,' so to speak.  

Today we live in very talky societies and up to a point that's okay; Faye himself can be talkative. It stops being okay when no matter how many words we speak we can't convey our feelings to others. So then it's time to get in practice at speaking only when we really mean what we say.

The song starts a few seconds after the 33:15 minute mark:

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