Tuesday, March 29

Palmyra's refugees return

Trucks loaded with civilian possessions enter Palmyra. From Sputnik's photographic essay today, They Did It! Syrian Soldiers Savor the Liberation of Palmyra

Residents Return to Liberated Palmyra, Thank Russia for Helping Hand
16:34 - 29.03.2016 (updated 19:26 29.03.2016)

Dozens of citizens of Palmyra were overwhelmed with emotions as they expressed their thoughts on the liberation of their city, according to Sputnik's Arabic edition.
In an interview with Sputnik's Arabic edition, citizens of Palmyra pointed the finger at Daesh terrorists for killing civilians and thanked Russia for adding to the liberation of their ancient city.
A man named Mohammed said that Palmyra had gone through one of the most critical moments of its history after the invasion of the Daesh terrorist group. [...]

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