Thursday, March 3

"Don't let Southfront starve to death. They are hard up."

That request is from Col. Pat Lang at Sic Semper Tyrannis, which he made yesterday. Today Southfront was hacked in the attempt to destroy its video section. From the site:
UPD Mar.3 17:11 CET: Dear friends, the website’s video section is restored. Thank you for all warm words and support during this complicated time.
UPD Mar.3, 9:20 CET: SF videos which have been uploaded till Feb.3, 2016 are now available. We are working to solve the problem with other videos.
UPD Mar.2, 17:46 CET: Temporarly, we use Youtube to upload new videos:
Dear friends, A few minutes ago, faced a cyber attack which damaged video section of the website.
Old videos are not available at the moment.
SouthFront Team is working to solve this issue.
Info: You can find most of SF videos on Youtube:
Sincerely yours,SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence Team
So I will add a fundraising plea to Pat Lang's. If you want better reporting on the Syrian war than you can find in the Western press, subscribe to SouthFront and/or send them a donation.   

While the site is based in Russia, unlike Russia's Sputnik or -- Iran's FARS and Syria's SANA -- it's not part of a state agency. Al-Masdar News ("AMN"), run by a Syrian (Leith Fadel), which also does good reporting on the war, is managing to hang on without doing fundraisers. But they could be receiving donations from Syrian expats who support Assad's government. 

More to the point, SouthFront daily posts quality videos that are expensive to produce, yet which provide the viewer with a quick understanding of complex battlefield situations in the war. They also produce their own sometimes lengthy English-language analyses taken from Russian-language journals. I doubt they're keeping up the translation pace purely on volunteer efforts.

Here is SST's latest analysis of the war, and which is based at least in part on SouthFront reporting. Lang starts by quoting from the site:

The ceasefire seems to be going well ...

"Over a hundred rebel unit commanders agreed to the ceasefire and signed a corresponding agreement. Over 1,000 militants laid down their arms in the Damascus province and have since been relocated from the battlefields.
Field commanders of Mujahideen Khora and El-Furqan formations which operated south of Damascus in the Kafar-Shams district likewise signed ceasefire documents, as did Maamum Shukru al-Habbusa, the leader of Burkan Khoran. This meant 600 more militants laid down their arms.
Two major formations in Deraa province, Armiya al-Ababil and Jaysh al-Yarmuk, agreed to the ceasefire and their leaders signed the declaration forms. This action took 2500 militants off the battlefield."  Southfront
 Wall to wall, the R+6  are progressing in the task of running a marvelously successful  ANTICOIN campaign.  The Syrian government has declared an amnesty for non-jihadi rebels.  As you can read above that seems to be doing well.  It is better to work on re-integrating them than to kill them all which is the alternative policy choice.
Across the country the war goes on against the jihadis.  ground is being regained everywhere, ground that will be useful in the final battles needed to make Syria jihadi free.  The attritional battle is also going well.
Turkey appears to be stymied by the threat of Russian arms and the War Party hawks in the Borgist US government is "turning and burning" in frustration.  The post-Dempsey US Defense Department and JCS is now completely in the hands of the Borgist war party who obviously lust for a confrontation with Russia.  It would be tempting to attribute this "bloody mindedness" to male hormonal excesses but, unfortunately the worst of the worst are women.
IMO the war in western Syria will be largely ended in the next couple of months.  After that, the R+6 will make their contribution to the destruction of IS (the enemies of God).
The Iraqis?  We will see...  pl  
PS  Don't let Southfront starve to death. They are hard up.  pl

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