Wednesday, March 9

Rebranding Islamic State as Qatar's Ikhwan boys scramble for a seat in Geneva

From Southfront's March 9 Syria battlefield video report:
... A top ISIS emir, Mahmoud Ahmad Al-Kaleezi, has been assassinated by unknown assailants in the Tabaqa Military airport on Mar.8. Al-Kaleezi is the third ISIS emir to be killed in the last 7 days.
On Mar.7, nearly 100 men left ISIS for the Faylaq al-Sham militant alliance in northern Aleppo. The pro-militant sources claimed that defectors had been mistreated at the hands of ISIS, including being repeatedly accused of treason.
On the other hand, there are numerous cases of sharing manpower among militant groups in Syria. Faylaq al-Sham has been formed from 19 different Islamist militant groups some of which directly affiliated with the Qatar-backed Syrian Muslim Brotherhood.
Considering Qatar’s role in the creation of ISIS, it could be suggested that the case of Mar. 7 is an attempt to re-brand ISIS militants excluded from the ceasefire supported by the US and Russia. ...
This is the first time I'm hearing that Qatar had a role in the creation of Islamic State. I would need to see evidence for that, unless one wants to say Al Jazeera, run by Qatar, prepared much ground for the thinking that led to IS. 

In any case, just to let the Emir of Qatar know, if he wants his crew to have a seat at the Syrian negotiating table, Geneva has been moved to the Russian Reconciliation Center, which opened last week at Hmeimim air force base.

So now opposition fighters who want to surrender to the Syrian government but can't get to a Syrian army outpost, or just want to hear it from the horse's mouth that they'll get protection from Russian air strikes if they stand up to Terrorist Inc, can head to Hmeimim to do their negotiating.  

I think the actual Geneva site for negotiations is now pretty much reserved for dealing with the Saudi High Negotiatons Committee or whatever Al Saud calls their bunch of cutthroats and toadies in Syria.

As to the Muslim Brotherhood, the emir is such a big fan I don't understand why he doesn't make room for them in Qatar. Or is he afraid they'll do in his country what they tried in Syria? And Egypt? And which they'll try in Turkey, sure as rain, now that Erdogan has given many of them refuge since the Syrian government got the wind up again about being overthrown by the Brothers.    


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