Wednesday, March 23

NATO & Russia After the Brussels Attack, plus Mordor sees Trump as the Anti-Christ

"[EU leaders] spend the morning talking to Washington and the evening talking to Moscow."
-- Just one of the many zingers from John Batchelor's discussion last night with Stephen F. Cohen,, Professor Emeritus New York and Princeton universities. John's remark pretty much sums the EC/NATO approach to dealing with the threat to the European continent from Terror, Inc. 

They also discussed The Washington Post's interview with Donald Trump about his foreign policy/national security views. Steve said that based on what Trump told WaPo his approach looks the best one out of all the contenders for the White House, and he explained in detail why. 

I think Steve is correct on every point he brought up, but that plus 50 cents. He observed wryly that Washington's "bipartisan foreign policy establishment" -- which I think has had everything to do with running U.S. national security policy into the ground -- is looking at Trump as the Anti-Christ. That's indeed close to how they see him. His views on NATO and Russia would certainly bring their way of life to an end if he made it into the White House, a possibility which at this time looks remote.  

SST's Col. Pat Lang terms Washington's foreign policy establishment the Borg. I term it Mordor. 

Here is the link to the Washington Post interview (A transcript of Donald Trump’s meeting with The Washington Post editorial board; March 21) and here is the podcast of the March 22 Batchelor-Cohen discussion.


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