Wednesday, May 30

American machinations abroad come home

From Nick Turse's May 29 report for TomDispatch:
... An examination of the threats from international and domestic terror groups, as imagined in JLASS-SP, offers unique clues to the Pentagon’s fears for the future. “Increasingly,” reads the war game’s summary, “transnational organizations, businesses, non-governmental organizations, and violent extremist organizations challenge the traditional notions of boundaries and sovereignty.” ...
What?! The Pentagon is worried about sovereignty? After how many national borders the U.S.  has ignored in the name of defending democracy?

From The Hill's May 25 report Trump lawyer touts petition to stop 'soft coup' against Trump:
... In a tweet, the attorney [Jay Sekulow] linked to a petition from the right-leaning American Center for Law and Justice, which Sekulow has run since 1992, that accuses the Obama State Department, run in part by former Secretary Hillary Clinton, of being part of a "shadow government" involved in a "soft coup" against the Trump administration. ...
Well! In that case I'm sure Mr Sekulow is all broken up about U.S.-backed attempts at 'regime change' in Syria.

Democratic Party leaders, for their part, claim that Donald Trump conspired with the Kremlin to interfere with America's presidential election processes.  

So how does it feel to be concerned that a foreign government is using covert means to influence your country's political system? Here's how Tony Cartalucci feels: 

From his May 18 report for Land Destroyer, Washington Post Denies US Meddling in Cambodia, Cites US Meddlers
Washington is attempting to seize on momentum produced by a sweeping victory for US-backed opposition in Malaysia by ratcheting up pressure across the rest of Southeast Asia through US-funded opposition groups, US-funded media, and US-funded and directed fronts posing as nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). ...
From his May 18 report, Extensive US Meddling in Malaysia's General Election Revealed
After two years of accusations and constant headlines regarding allegations of still unproven "Russian influence" in the 2016 US presidential election, it is difficult to imagine that real political meddling or election interference anywhere around the globe could go unnoticed.
This is especially true regarding the Western corporate media, which has portrayed itself as deeply aware of the unethical and undemocratic nature of one nation interfering in the elections of another. Yet during Malaysia's recent general election -- hailed by the Western media as a "historic win" for an opposition the Western media clearly favored -- not a single story covering foreign interference during the election was written by media organizations like Reuters, AFP, CNN, the BBC and many others. 
Despite the lack of Western attention to foreign election meddling, it is revealed that Malaysia's opposition is almost entirely comprised of US government-funded fronts ranging from opposition leaders to political street fronts and organizers, to media posing as 'independent' Malaysian journalism, and to 'rights advocates' leveraging human rights advocacy to support the opposition and compromise Malaysia's Barisan Nasional (BN) party. ...
The only good news about the reports is the author himself; Tony Cartalucci is an American -- one who deserves the honor of being an American, one who lives by the principles on which the Declaration of Independence and Constitution rest. The principles do not include the strategies and tactics of a colonizing power, which is exactly what the United States of America has become.

How many more of our chickens must come home to roost before Americans such as Tony are not in the minority anymore?


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