Wednesday, May 2

Americans are supporting neo-Nazis in Ukraine, terrorists in Syria, genocide in Saudi Arabia

Now do you understand my tantrum the other day, my threat to leave the blogosphere completely? Well understand this, I'm an American, born and raised, English-Scottish relatives on one side of my family in this country for many generations and the other side, French and German, here since the end of World War I.   

Dear God I can't bear to see what has happened to my country, its descent into evil. All right Pundita quit blubbering. Life is a forced march. 

Let me see; the podcast for Steve Cohen's Tuesday discussion with John Batchelor about neo-Nazism in Ukraine, an outright American colony, isn't posted yet at AudioBoom. Wait for it, and I advise you take notes when you listen. 

While you're waiting you could always listen to the podcast for Steve's discussion with John, "Ukraine Before Crimea and Donbas revolted: January 29, 2014." It's helpful background for the discussion on Tuesday.   

Or, for those who don't know the Saudi regime is carrying out genocide, you could zip through this April 19 report from Middle East Eye, Fearing execution, Saudi Shia are forced into a life in hiding. It's genocide in slow motion, of course, or genocide on little cat feet -- mustn't embarrass members of the US Congress and EU Parliament who caterwaul about human rights abuses -- but it's genocide nonetheless. Al Saud wants the Shia minority gone from Saudi Arabia one way or another.

And speaking of Long War Journal's quest to document the activities of al Qaeda and Taliban in Afghanistan, which I did on this blog the other day, you might want to listen to the podcast of John's discussion with LWJ's Bill Roggio and Thomas Joscelyn on Monday, The facts about the bin Laden files and the falsehoods of the Obama administration

It's a discussion they've had many times over the years but the one on Monday is a summary of the situation. (You'll have to endure a few moments of John talking about Iran and Israel before he turns to the topic at hand.)

There's another recent John Batchelor Show podcast I can recommend for Pundita readers, and that's the discussion on Monday between John and Michael Vlahos, which touches on the inherent violence of American society: 

The New American Civil War: Nationalists vs Wilsonians. Michael Vlahos, Naval War College @WorldCrisisJHU

What they had to say was very hard listening for me, and I'll assume it would be even harder for Americans who've been playing ostrich by blaming All and Everything except their own society.

Ah! I see the podcast for Steve's Tuesday discussion has been posted.

Tales of the New Cold War: Ukraine parades its anti-semitism and Neo-NazismStephen F. Cohen, Professor Emeritus New York University and Princeton @

Part 1 of 2. Part 2 of 2.

This, too, is hard listening for Americans, especially those  of us who are proud of their country's contributions to the protection of human rights. 


bdoran said...

So what and where is the locus of the problem?


Moreover to conflate Americans with their out of control government that is attempting a coup against their elected President/Champion of the People/Tribune of The Plebes [Deplorables] is the grossest category error. No we DIDN'T ELECT THIS GOVERNMENT - they're appointed or CONTRACTED and that's the Swamp Trump was elected to Drain. As Trillions annually paid to millions NOT ELECTED and Global Power of Empire and rich provinces to squeeze are at stake our precious elites are in RESISTANCE to their loss of power, privilege and wealth.

The core conflict is in America between Americans. May I suggest you start looking at them the way you do at your precious foreigners who suffer the convulsions. Treat the disease Doctor not the symptoms.

The answer is WE WIN the 2d American Civil War. Or they do in which case the precious foreigners will continue to be rocked by chaos and plunder.

You know there's a lot more hope in the American Plebes than there is in our elites.
To begin with they're only elite at chaos and stealing. Really they're a singularly untalented and drab group except for their glorious pretensions. Truly Grand only in Illusions of their virtue and Delusions that they're Great Conquerors.

No-they're itinerant Pimps and Furriers with giveaway degrees. Cowards, liars who are channeling Bond Villains. Lawyers deluding themselves they're Great Warriors.
Not a man among them.

It's hardly Nationalists vs Wilsonian's it's Americans vs Dubai International Airport and it's associated dens of gold, vice and corruption.

"The Action is Crazy in Dubai."

Dubai International Airport being essentially Xerxes tent in 300 and they being the train of decadence. Leave poor Wilson out of it, he was no traitor.

It's Americans vs Itinerant Pimps and Looters with Law degrees playing out the last scam.

Really we're Russia in the 90s.

Calm down and the only answers are among ourselves. Come what may we'll have our own nation again. Then the world can be afflicted by others - and it will be.

Pundita said...

Wake up.It's not foreigners who are the issue; it's how Americans act toward other nations. Americans are increasingly projecting their 'winner take all' domestic political approach onto their defense/foreign policies.

The upshot (not reported in the USA) is the widespread perception outside the USA that the United States cannot peacefully co-exist with any nation other than a 'client' state.

This kind of perception is very dangerous when coupled with the belief that there is no government capable of standing up to the USA.