Thursday, May 31

Interview with President Assad on the Syrian War's endgame and the country's future UPDATED


SANA has posted the entire transcript in English. Here's my version, which makes light edits for readability and omits SANA's distracting introduction.


The interview is in English. Unlike all the other reporters who've interviewed President Assad for major press in a host of countries since Russia entered the Syrian War, RT's Murad Gazdiev is a war correspondent. And he's been covering the war from Syria, not from the safe distance of Turkey or Lebanon. So he was already well informed about the allover situation in Syria and the status of the war when he sat down to interview Assad.

The RT site has the video of the 30 minute interview, which is not yet posted to YouTube. The report accompanying the video provides excerpts from the interview, as does Sputnik. My hope is that SANA has published the entire transcript today but right now the site is down and it's been down all night, U.S. eastern time.

The RT report and video, headlined "'We were close to direct conflict between Russia and US inside Syria' – Bashar Assad;" May 31, 2018

Sputnik's May 31 report on the interview is headlined: "Assad: Syria to Beef Up Air Defenses Amid Threat From Israel"

I don't have comment at this time because I haven't watched the entire interview yet. 


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