Friday, March 13

"Drug Cartels Switch To Producing Hand Sanitizer"

Only the Babylon Bee. Who else?  They also came up with another zinger, which I, and I suspect a great many others, are thinking:
Americans Rejoice As News Finally Not All About Trump
U.S.—The long national nightmare of every single day being dominated by news about Donald Trump has finally come to an end, as the top news story for the past week has been about a pandemic threatening lives and the economy.
“This is such a nice change of pace,” said Dwayne Hughes, an electrician. “I just got sick and tired of the news being, ‘Hey! Here’s what Trump just tweeted!’ And now the news is all about what major thing closed or got canceled today. It’s way different.”
Claudia Davis, a baker, agreed.
“Every day it was just them bleating some nonsense about how Trump is going to kill millions with tax cuts or ending net neutrality. And now millions could actually die, but Trump isn’t at the center of it.” 
Not for want of trying. The BB report ends on a grim note:
The news coverage of the coronavirus has taken a turn for the worse, though, as constant news reports of Trump’s reaction to the coronavirus have begun to spread and could infect all news coverage by the end of the week.

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