Sunday, March 22

U.S. lockdown to last 10-12 weeks? What kind of lockdown? UPDATED 6:!5 PM

From the following Breaking News report at Sputnik, Cuomo's remarks earlier today could signal the opposite of what I suspected, which is that he was preparing to abandon containment tactics in New York. Perhaps I'm getting too cynical by assuming a New York governor meant the opposite of what he said.....
Trump Says Approved New York, Washington Requests to Declare Major Disaster
So far, the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States has reached 32,644, according to the Johns Hopkins University, which puts the US in third place in terms of its COVID-19 toll, surpassed only by China and Italy.

President Donald Trump said on Sunday he had approved New York and Washington's requests to declare a major disaster in the two states amid the COVID-19 pandemic, adding that he will approve California's request soon.
The president also said the US is mobilising all resources available to combat the spread of the virus and said it was important that the US citizens followed the federal guidance on social distancing.

March 22 -- U.S. Coronavirus Lockdown to Last 10-12 Weeks, Top Trump Official Says

Does this mean the lockdown will intensify? Be enforced nationally by martial law? Highly populated L.A. County has already given up trying to contain the virus, according to this March 20 report from the Los Angeles Times. From the NY Governor's presser today, it almost sounds as if he's getting ready to abandon the lockdown, such as it exists in New York, given his dire warning and threats to take extreme measures:
... he "warned that 80% of New York state's population could become infected with the coronavirus and said the crisis could last as long as nine months. ... Cuomo also slammed “arrogant” groups who are still socializing despite orders to stay at home as virus cases soar. ... The Governor said that he has ordered NYC officials to develop a plan to reduce density in the city, and suggested that streets could be closed off to vehicles so people could spread out. ...

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