Monday, March 2

"US Will Not Provide Air Support to Turkey in Syria's Idlib - Pentagon Chief"


On Saturday, President Trump said the US had been speaking with President Erdogan of Turkey "a lot" over the situation in Idlib, and confirmed that the two countries were discussing Ankara's request for the temporary deployment of US Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems on Turkey's border with Syria.
The United States will not provide air support to Turkey in the wartorn Syrian province of Idlib, Pentagon Chief Mark Esper has said.
Speaking to reporters in Washington on Monday, Esper said that the US would be seeking to increase humanitarian aid deliveries to Turkey following last week's deadly attack which killed 33 Turkish troops. Asked if US assistance would include air support, he responded "No."

The secretary of defence also confirmed that he has spoken to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg about the situation in Syria, and that NATO was prepared for anything that might happen.
Commenting on Ankara's move to open its borders with the European Union, Esper said that this was Turkey's decision to make.

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