Tuesday, March 31

I don't know why

Years ago I featured this old 3-1/2 minute music video from the great Malian Wassoulou singer Oumou Sangaré and suddenly it popped into my mind. What do the lyrics mean? Who knows?  I just know it makes me smile to listen and watch. 

Wait -- now I remember; someone at YouTube wrote that she's saying, "Oh my love the importance of immigration is going back to be with your family and share the happiness, love, build a house and make all good things for them." 

Well, those were the days, probably the 1990s, when globalization held nothing but promise. But if that truly is the meaning of the lyrics, then from the expression on her face and gestures in several parts of the song, it seems Oumou had reservations about all the rushing to and fro around the world to earn.  It seems she was wondering what that did to a person's sense of identity.   Something like that. 

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