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Al-Waer: More of the falling-domino effect in Syria

Homs Governor is one happy man right now

Notice that news of these truces and evacuations is coming faster. One group in one town tells a group in another town that their negotiations with the military went well, and so the other group wants to start negotiations. 

Keep in mind that the vast majority of Syrians never wanted to overthrow their government, and they certainly never intended their country to be overrun by foreign mercenaries.

What these towns have needed, however, is assurance that the SAA can help them with security; not an easy demand to fulfill, given how stretched the military is. But you can see from the following reports (and from what happened in Daraya) that the army is getting better at stepping up to the plate. 

Now if the Chinese and Indians can help with creating jobs in Syria, I hope and pray, and if Beijing can lean on Al Saud and Al Thani to call off their dogs, this war stands a chance to wrap up quickly despite NATO machinations to keep it going. 

From SouthFront's August 30 Syria War sitrep:
... Reports have appeared that a Daraya-style agreement has been reached in al-Waer in Homs. As result some 500 militants with families will be evacuated towards Idlib and the town will be transferred to the Syrian army.
220 people will be also evacuated from Mo'adamiyeh which is located west of Daraya near the Syrian capital, Damascus.
Pro-government sources describe this move as a first step of a Daraya-style agreement for this city. According to reports, negotiations between militants from Mo'adamiyeh and the Syrian army have been ongoing since August 25. ...
From SANA today:

Homs Governor: Truce in al-Waer neighborhood in preparation for clearing it of weapons and militants
Homs, SANA – Homs Governor Talal al-Barazi affirmed on Wednesday that a truce has been reached in al-Waer neighborhood in Homs city in preparation for the re-activation of the terms of the previous agreement for making the neighborhood free of weapons and militants.
In a statement to a SANA reporter, al-Barazi pointed out that this is part of the third and final stage of the agreement, which is expected to be implemented for 25 days from the date it comes into effect. [Pundita note: I think they mean "within" 25 days]
On December 2015, 720 persons including militants and their families were evacuated from the neighborhood in implementation to the first phase of the agreement reached by the special committees for resolving the situation in al-Waer.
Manar al-Freih / Hazem Sabbagh
More good news from Homs via SANA:

50 towns and villages in Homs eastern countryside join cessation of hostilities agreement

[Clan leader signing agreement]

[Sheikhs, other leaders in attendance at the signing]

Homs, SANA-In the framework of local reconciliations, fifty towns and villages from the eastern countryside of Homs joined on Monday the cessation of hostilities agreement.
The reconciliation process was announced during a meeting in al-Rayan village to the east of Homs city in cooperation with the Hmeimim-based Russian Coordination Center in the presence of a number of elders and leaders of clans.
Commander of the central region said during the meeting that the local reconciliations in Homs form a step towards to achieve the comprehensive national reconciliation in the entire territory of Syria, hailing the exerted efforts of Hmeimim-based Russian Coordination Center within the framework of local reconciliations as well as the efforts of the elders of the eastern area in Homs.
In turn, Head of Hmeimim-based Russian Coordination Center Sergey Schwarkov affirmed the importance of the reconciliation to restore peace and security to Syria, thanking the elders of the local community in the villages of Homs eastern countryside for their role in achieving reconciliation.
According to Hmeimim-based Russian Coordination Center, around 486 villages and towns had joined to the cessation of hostilities agreement since it came into force on 27th of February.

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