Sunday, August 14

First photo of Cement Factory in Aleppo City captured by Jabhat Fatayar Khara from SAA

Photo is from Leith Fadel's Twitter page (Yes, he's baaaaack.) 

From a Tweet to Leith here's the second photo of the captured factory, sent by Jack Freeman's sources on the ground in Aleppo:

Somebody actually asked "Is this a joke?"

As to what's going on with the attack on the Cement Factory, From SouthFront's Aleppo Field Report today; unfortunately no time stamp, but this seems current:
1. Dozens of jihadists were killed by the Syrian Army’s elite Tiger Forces in the Cement Plant following a calculated ambush that led the ‘inghimasi’ forces of Jabhat Fath Al-Sham and the Turkistani Islamic Party forces into a minefield. The area they were lured into was under the fire control of the Tiger Forces who mowed them down with all sorts of weapons.
Of course it's no time to be sanguine but for now the bad guys haven't been able to take the factory. 


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