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Monday, August 29

Syrian War pundits fiercely debate import of Turkey's invasion of Syria. Bring popcorn.

Gee, Col. Lang was smart to go dark on his blog until after Labor Day in a successful ploy to avoid spattering pundit goo in the Sic Semper Tyrannis comment section. But you can tune into the debate by reading American-in-Moscow Mark Sleboda's handwringing piece for Moon of Alabama, The Turkish Invasion Of Syria As Path To "Regime Change" and the comments, replete with links to all manner of fascinating news reports and other pundit debates on said topic.

Wait wait! I see Col. Lang cracked! [roaring with laughter] Popcorn! I need popcorn! But what music to accompany the weighty words of experts on U.S., Russia, Syria, and Turkish war policies? I know! Featuring two of the world's most phlegmatic dogs. 


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