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Billion-dollar mosque. If US gives any aid to Algeria I'ma gonna have a screamin fit

Published time: 30 Aug, 2016 17:55

Binyen DZayer / YouTube

Algeria could soon be the envy of the Muslim world given the news that the nation’s record breaking, ultramodern Great Mosque is nearing completion.

The Djamaa el Djazair, or Great Mosque of Algiers, has been under construction since 2011 and is being billed as the third largest mosque on the planet. The German-designed mosque also looks set to surpass neighbor Morocco with the tallest minaret in the world by nearly 200 feet, after years of project setbacks.
October 17, 2015
14 million under poverty line in Algeria, group says
Middle East Monitor
The Algerian League for the Defence of Human Rights (LADDH) said on Friday that there are 14 million Algerians living below the poverty line in the country, Anadolu reported.
This number, the group said, represents 35 percent of the Algerian population which is 40 million.
In a statement, LADDH said the statistics were published on October 17 to mark the World Day against Poverty.
LADDH stated that this high number of the poor reflected the bad economic situation of the country, noting that the study included 4,500 samples. All confirmed that their daily income is less than $1.45, which is the poverty line stipulated by the UN.
The group noted different forms of poverty in Algeria, citing deteriorating living standards, poor healthcare services, high rate of unemployment, an increase among Algerians seeking migration and increasing number of beggars.
According to LADDH, which is an NGO, the official numbers contradict its findings, as the Ministry of Solidarity said that there are only 700,000 poor Algerian families.
The Ministry of Religious Affairs said that there are approximately 660,000 poor families, while the Algerian Red Crescent Committee said that it counted 15,000 poor families.

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