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Monday, August 1

Why Khizr Khan should vote for Trump

That is, if he doesn't want any more American sons dying in any more horribly conceived and managed US wars. I won't sugar coat my observation by saying I'm sorry for the Khan family's loss. There was so much senseless loss of American lives in Afghanistan that I got sick of being sorry.   

In fact what was done to American troops in Afghanistan was so awful, so senseless under the Obama regime that Marine Gen. John Allen -- the same John Allen who spoke at the Democratic National Convention last week in support of Hillary Clinton  -- finally couldn't keep silent. He said what he really thought in an interview with Lara Logan at CBS in October 2012:
Lara Logan to Gen. John Allen: "American soldiers continue to die because of the support Pakistan gives to America's enemies."
Allen to Logan: "You've just stated the truth."
Bloody hell it was the truth. For years Americans were murdered and maimed in Afghanistan by Pakistan-directed attacks -- while the U.S. and NATO/ISAF commands, Congress, and the Obama Administration including the State Department under Hillary Clinton excused and even covered for the Pakistani military's proxy war in Afghanistan against U.S. and Afghan troops.

So I don't understand how the DNC talked Khizr Khan (and Gen. Allen) into giving a speech. In my view no matter how much Mr Khan disliked Trump's views on immigration he shouldn't have supported people who have the blood of many Americans on their hands.

Would a Trump presidency do any better at protecting U.S. lives in combat than a Clinton one? Unlike Clinton he explicitly stated that he wouldn't allow the United States to get involved in any more regime change and nation-building adventures. Adventures which always require the U.S. making deals with governments that are nothing less than devilish.

Yes, Trump's approach would be better than Clinton's; it would spare the lives of many American troops -- and contractors. And it would spare Americans from having to support deals with devils. 

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