Saturday, August 20

Gregory Copley on American geopolitical trends if Hillary Clinton becomes U.S. President

For his Friday show John Batchelor caught up with Gregory Copley trying to get in some peace and quiet in his home country (Australia) in order to pick his brains on what Clinton's presidential foreign/defense policies would look like. Gregory went through a list of issues and regions/ countries that are currently on the front burner in Washington. Here's the podcast of the interview.  

John also published on his Friday show's Schedule Page part of an analysis by Gregory's Defense & Foreign Affairs that summarizes some of the points in the interview and adds a few that couldn't be squeezed in.  

Draw your own conclusions from the discussion but my allover impression is that Gregory projects the Clinton policies would range from more of the same Obama policies, to even worse than Obama policies and with a personal vendetta against Russian President Vladimir Putin piled on top.

That last on account of Mrs Clinton is hopping mad about leaks of embarrassing emails for which she holds Putin personally responsible. This, as Gregory explained, has led to the Clinton camp puffing up her leads in the presidential campaign polls as much as possible to warn the Russians not to release any more of the emails -- if they don't want to see the Kremlin atomized under a Clinton presidency. 

The predictions I found most surprising, given Mrs Clinton's vaunted hawkishness, concern the U.S. Defense Department under a Clinton presidency:
7. Continued degradation of the relative position of the Defense Dept. within the US strategic posture, implying ongoing stress on “political correctness” within the Defense establishment, and a constraint on any radical new thinking to overturn the decline of efficacy of US military doctrine to meet the new era;
8. A continuing degradation in the relative military position of the US vis-à-vis the People’s Republic of China (PRC) would be assumed to continue, based on the performance of both powers over the past eight years, and based on Hillary Clinton’s historical policy of curtailing professional leadership of the US Dept. of Defense and placing the State Dept. in a position of strategic policy ascendancy ...

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