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Sunday, August 7

"Ex-CIA Chief Who Labeled Trump an Agent of Putin Led the Benghazi Cover-Up"

The following report from Sputnik does not properly accredit or even provide a link to key points it quotes, mentioning only, "According to the Frontpage ..."

After checking I am sure that Sputnik is referring to a FrontPage Magazine report by Daniel Greenfield on August 5, CIA CHIEF WHO EDITED BENGHAZI TALKING POINTS, WORKS FOR HILLARY ADVISER,ENDORSES HILLARY

However, Greenfield also errs by providing two links without designating which one he quotes, which adds to the confusion when the quote mentions a Fox news report that Greenfield doesn't link to in his article. 

The upshot being that the reader has to play link detective in order to make complete sense of the story. It's not actually "according to Frontpage" as Sputnik termed it; it's according to Fox News.  

(Then numerous observers claim that the American public doesn't pay attention to important news. Paying attention has become full-time work; one doesn't so much follow the news as untangle it.)  

I seem to recall complaining several months ago about Sputnik forgetting to provide necessary links; they've improved a great deal since then, but this is a reminder. 

On the plus side Sputnik does a good job of conveying the gist of this complicated story in as few words as possible, despite their link/ accreditation lapses, which is why I'm going with their report rather than the FrontPage one. 

One other point before I turn over the floor to Sputnik. I have inserted a note and link in the Sputnik report to the Fox video from 2014. As I watched the video report it brought to the front of my mind David Petraeus' time as the head of the CIA, which *seems* to have coincided with the decision to provide weapons to 'rebels' in Syria -- rebels who are actually affiliated with al Qaeda or outright fronts for the terrorist organization. It has occurred to me for the first time that the Benghazi cover-up might have been just as much or even more to cover for Petraeus than for the White House or even the CIA.

Too many cooks. The Greater War on Terror should be renamed The Great Muddle.  

Ex-CIA Chief Who Labeled Trump an Agent of Putin Led the Benghazi Cover-Up
August 7, 2016

Ex-deputy CIA Director Michael Morell, who has presented himself as non-partisan, endorsed Hillary Clinton after he had been caught covering up the Benghazi attacks saying that they were the result of a spontaneous protest in response to an anti-Islamic video rather than a terrorist attack that the Obama administration should have been prepared for.

In his [New York Times] op-ed released on Friday [August 5] , ex-deputy CIA chief, who was said to have voted for Republicans in the past, expressed strong support for Clinton. While trying to express his loyalty to Democrats in his statement, he called the Republican candidacy of Donald J. Trump “not only unqualified for the job, but he may well pose a threat to our national security” and claimed that Trump was an “unwitting” agent of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
However, a recent media investigation revealed that he worked with Clinton when she served at the State Department and played a critical role in the Benghazi cover-up. 
[Pundita note: I think Sputnik is referring to a February 2014 Fox News investigative report, featured in video form at The Right Scoop, one of the two sources Greenfield's article quotes.  So it looks as if Sputnik learned of the Fox report from the FrontPage article and didn't bother to track down the Fox report, which is actually more than two years old -- not "recent."]
Morell lied about his role in preparation of notorious CIA talking points for US Ambassador Susan Rice’s address to Sunday morning talk shows in the wake of the Benghazi attack that left four US citizens, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, dead while the survivors languished against a brutal band of terrorists for thirteen hours without any aide from the State Department or Pentagon.
Rice blamed the attacks on a YouTube video that [the White House] alleged triggered a spontaneous protest in Libya. After that Congress pressed her to provide sources from which she determined that the incident was traced to the anti-Islamic video. In the process, it was revealed that her talking points had been prepared by a joint team of intelligence services, the White House and Hillary Clinton’s staffers. It was also revealed that in the blueprint of the talking points al Qaeda had initially been mentioned before Morrell scrubbed reference to the terrorist group for presumably political purposes.
In an interview with the New York Post, Sen. Lindsay Graham revealed that Morell tried to conceal that he was the person who was behind the editions of the Rice talking points spoken before Congress and the media. The Deputy CIA chief shuffled the blame onto the FBI in an attempt to pass the buck and in hopes of emerging from the incident unscathed politically.
“So I called the FBI,” Graham recalls.  “They said, no, they didn’t change the talking points. They were furious.”
“At 4 p.m. that day, the CIA called me and said Morell ‘misspoke’ in his meeting with me, and that the CIA deleted [the reference to al Qaeda], but they couldn’t give a reason why.”
In the aftermath, Morell testified before the Benghazi Select Committee to give an answer of why had eliminated all the mentions about al Qaeda.  He ended up stating that he did it because the media said the protests in Libya had been sparked by a video, although he had information from intelligence sources that was contrary to his claims.
According to the Frontpage, the CIA Chief of Station in Tripoli reported to the CIA brass bulletin about the situation on the ground in Libya the day after the attack and clearly indicated that a video was not a reason for the attack.
Graham gave an unvarnished explanation for what prompted Morell to ‘correct’ the talking points: “If the truth had been known that al Qaeda killed four Americans seven weeks before an election, it would have been a different political story.”

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