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Friday, August 5

The Dance of the Sunflowers

It turns out that it's not for nothing that sunflowers are called sunflowers. The Los Angeles Times Science Section has the delightful, fascinating story, along with a video: Watch sunflowers dance under the sun (Seriously).

Hello again, Pundita --

The dance of the sunflowers? Yes, yes! Regarding sunflowers and moonflowers, here's a passage from the Neoplatonist Proclus, which Henry Corbin quoted in his great book, Creative Imagination in the Sufism of Ibn Arabi -- note especially the second para:

Just as in the dialectic of love we start from sensuous beauties to rise until we encounter the unique principle of all beauty and all ideas, so the adepts of hieratic science take as their starting point the things of appearance and the sympathies they manifest among themselves and with the invisible powers. Observing that all things form a whole, they laid the foundations of hieratic science, wondering at the first realities and admiring in them the latest comers as well as the very first among beings; in heaven, terrestrial things according both to a causal and to a celestial mode and on earth heavenly things in a terrestrial state....

What other reason can we give for the fact that the heliotrope follows in its movement the movement of the sun and the selenotrope the movement of the moon, forming a procession within the limits of their power, behind the torches of the universe? For, in truth, each thing prays according to the rank it occupies in nature, and sings the praises of the leader of the divine series to which it belongs, a spiritual or rational or physical or sensuous praise; for the heliotrope moves to the extent that it is free to move, and in its rotation, if we could hear the sound of the air buffeted by its movement, we should be aware that it is a hymn to its king, such as it is within the power of a plant to sing...
Sublime thoughts!
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