Wednesday, December 12

Attn Beijing! It's Heaven AND Earth, not Heaven on Earth

Don't tell me, 'Oh Pundita we don't know what you're talking about.' You know very well what I'm talking about. Now look, you can go back over the essays I wrote during the Swine Flu pandemic and know that I gave you well-deserved praise for the way you handled Swine Flu -- and at a time when the CDC and WHO were doing everything within their powers to discourage your approach. 

But Chinese never know when to dial it back. You have a mania for perfection, which you even carried into the tea ceremony. You just couldn't stop trying to perfect it, until it was so overdone with beauty it lost its meaning; it was saved only by a Japanese tea master. Then there was the time you decided to perfect Buddhism. 

When this mania is coupled with millions of Chinese college graduates who have engineering degrees and degrees in the sciences, and with a desire to show the world that China is the greatest country, that Chinese can be the most creative people, the entire human race is in great peril.

Yes I understand that you have to keep these graduates employed some way, and that you need to get as many people off China's land as possible. But you need to fully confront why you have come close to completely destroying your land. The perfect farming system. Then you just had to perfect the factory system to show you could do it better than everyone else.   

You sure showed everyone. Now look at the horrors you wrought against your own lands!

I especially don't want to hear, 'Look at what the Americans are doing!' Do something new and pay less attention to what others are doing.

This desire to keep Face is turning millions of Chinese into megalomaniacs and hypocrites. It doesn't get worse when these character flaws mix with a mania for perfection.

Dial it back -- and for crying out loud, don't try to perfect dialing it back. 


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