Sunday, December 2

The Incredible First Farmers in the Modern Israeli State

Jews in exile weren't allowed to own land or work farmland in most parts of the world, so they literally had to start from square one when they arrived in Israel and began farming. But the land itself had fallen into such neglect for such a very long time that it was largely unfarmable! So farming the land meant first rehabilitating it.

The following video (10 minutes) about the first Israeli farmers is an inspiring story for everyone -- including, I venture, the young Israelis who've become so citified they have only the vaguest understanding that Israel isn't only their homeland; it's also a land brought back from the dead, and by an amazing group of people.

This is a good time to mention modern Israel's first farmers as the Time of Many Lights continues, starting with Diwali last month and now at sundown with lighting of the first candle in the Special Menorah and lighting of the first candle of Advent. Auspicious that these first candle lightings to celebrate Jewish and Christian observances happen on the same day this year.

Light! More light!


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