Wednesday, December 5

Save California's Pistachio Market Share! Bomb Iran!

The funny part is that Israelis don't even like California pistachios; they prefer Iranian pistachios, which have to be labeled Turkish so they can be sold in Israel. But if you hook up Gray Zone Project's 12/4 “Pistachio Wars”: How the Resnicks’ Snack Food Fortune is Fueling the Assault on Iran and Sputnik's 12/5 Tehran is Literally Sinking, then it's immediately evident this isn't so much about pistachios or anti-Iran lobbying as the Shoot Yourself in the Foot model of global agriculture trade, which is doing a jolly good job of depleting the world's aquifers.  

From that perspective, who's crazier? California's government, or Iran's? If you tell me Sacramento can't stop the Resnicks from pumping the Central Valley dry to gain more pistachio market share -- the state's incoming governor had better find a way to stop them, before those 
collapse more of the Central Valley.  

As Sputnik points out, as I've pointed out, and as everyone else who follows water issues knows, once the land sinks there's no plumping it back up Pundita don't you dare laugh it's not funny. But for crying out loud, physics doesn't give a damn: American land, Iranian land -- subsidence is the same for all, no matter what kind of government, defense policy, cultural values, or brand of pistachios.


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