Saturday, December 15

It's that time of year again

It's the time when the Christmas season gives Pundita an excuse to inflict her favorite Shopping Mall Music on readers. Okay, so it's not Beethoven -- wait, wait, what's this do my wondering ears hear? I'll be darned. Beethoven's Ninth flashmob at the Omotesando Hills shopping complex in Tokyo. September 2016. Well, September is close enough.

Wow. That's some flashmob. 

All right; let's get what is supposed to be a joyful season off with a bang. Impress the Heavenly Hosts: make as much joyful racket as you can! I don't want to hear, 'Oh Pundita I'm not Christian.' The Ninth is not exactly a Christmas carol, okay? Sing along dammit even if you don't know a word of German and can only sing off key. Ready? 

The catch is that ICT Tokushima doesn't want me posting the video. You'll have to go to the YouTube site for it but at least I can post a still from the video. That's some shopping mall, too:



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