Sunday, December 9

"Ebola detectives race to identify hidden sources of infection as outbreak spreads"

Nature magazine, December 8, 2018

Very helpful report. 

From what I learned  during the last Ebola epidemic I knew that contaminated reused hypodermic needles had to be in play with this epidemic; from the Nature report, they are indeed a source. But here it seems that more than the "black bag" doctors in rural eras using contaminated hypos it's from informal clinics that can't afford to use sterile equipment, although as I pointed out years back, how much does it cost to boil water? It the time; they don't want to take the time to sterilize the hypodermics after every use, and granted they can't afford the disposables, and maybe some of them don't know that it's critically important to sterilize the hypodermics. However, it's not just the hypos, as the Nature report reveals.

The really bad news is that even with the experimental vaccine and high-powered drugs, which have helped to control the epidemic:
Salama predicts that the outbreak will continue for at least another six months. “I think we can stop this as long as security holds,” he says, “but that’s the big ‘if’.”
Six months. Very likely this thing is going to jump the national border. 


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