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Tuesday, October 2

Extreme Cheapskates: Is Big Government driving human nature crazy?

Well shoot, I'm just finding out about this show.  Thanks to AOL for scooping up the story. I hope TLC does reruns because if so I will make the time to watch every episode. Reality shows like this are the place to see human nature in all its glory and to realize it's bored out of its tree with the modern era. The more comforts, conveniences and safety society builds into its systems, the unhappier human nature is.

But undaunted by the fruitcakes who want to turn Earth into heaven, human nature always finds a way to stave off terminal boredom. Have you ever seen Storage Wars and Extreme Couponing? Then people ask where all the hunters and trappers have gone.
New Yorker Saves By Skipping Laundry for 3 Years
by Mandi Woodruff
October 2, 2012
Business Insider

The latest season of TLC's Extreme Cheapskates premieres this month, and from the looks of the teasers they've posted online, the recession has born an entirely new breed of outrageous savers.

In the first clip we meet New York resident Kay. Not only does she freely admit to never using toilet paper, she reveals she hasn't done laundry the traditional way –– using a washer and dryer –– in years.

"Whenever I have dirty clothes, I try to wash them while I'm showering," she says. "I think the last time I did laundry was maybe three years ago."

Here's her alternative method: Lathering up her duds with detergent (a free sample, naturally) and soaking them while she washes herself. Afterward, they hang to dry in the shower.

Kay sees no need in indulging in paper products either. She replaced toilet paper with a squirt bottle filled with water.

I don't believe in spending money on something you're just gonna throw away such as toilet paper and paper towels," she says.
Click on the link for a video of Kay doing her laundry in the shower.

Click on the link to see Kim...uh..no...I think I get it..and I'm afraid of where then next links will take me.
Hahaha! You should see another one of these characters. There's a millionare who goes dumpster diving and pees in a bottle so she saves on watering her garden. Her boyfriend goes hunting for venison. I tell you, these are happy people, just by the look of them. lol
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