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Monday, October 29

Human Nature vs Wrath of Nature

The "Let's Wait and See How Bad It'll Get Before We Prepare" types
3:45 PM EDT: Tropical-storm force winds and rain coming down in buckets in Frederick, Maryland Local Channel 4 (WRC) reporter checking in from outside a Lowe's in Frederick, Maryland.  There wasn't a mob in the store but there were still shoppers trying to pick up sump pumps, generators, batteries, etc.  Lowe's is trying to bring in more convoys from Georgia to restock.

A WRC weather anchor pleads: Remember, 90 percent of deaths from flooding are from people walking or driving in a flooded area.

But by gum there isn't a line at the check-out at the last minute and you have your pick of parking spaces. 

The "Ignore It and It'll Stop Acting like a Brat" types
The Associated Press reports at 1:45 PM EDT:
In the morning, water was already splashing over the seawalls at the southern tip of Manhattan and had matched the levels seen during Hurricane Irene in August 2011. Still, people were out jogging, walking their dogs and even taking children out in strollers amid gusts of wind.

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