Wednesday, October 10

Lara Logan's "war cry" generates media buzz (Updated)

Here's the video of Logan's entire speech
After posting in the wee hours of the 9th about Logan's remarks during her keynote address in Chicago I worried they'd be lost in the shuffle of other news. I needn't have worried. It turns out that Rush Limbaugh, The Daily Beast, FNC's show "The Five" and other pundits and news organizations discussed her remarks on the 9th -- and National Review Online discussed them on the 8th, the day after a Chicago Sun-Times reporter belatedly broke the news about Logan's September 2 speech.

See this link at FNC for links to the Daily Beast report and Rush's remarks. The transcript for the 9th "The Five" show should be up later this morning. I think the Daily Beast piece is interesting because it highlights just how controversial Logan's remarks are.

Lara Logan is no stranger to controversy; in 2008 she touched off a media uproar with her harsh criticism about the dearth of televised reporting on the war campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

One of the many good things about the current uproar is that it's brought more attention to Logan's important September 30 investigative report, The Longest War, which had gotten lost in the shuffle of other news.

So now we await a transcript of Logan's keynote address, I hope.

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