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Monday, October 8

Pundita tries the Spirit World for answers to questions she raised in Aleppo Chess post

[blowing dust off the Ouija board and muttering to herself]  I hope I don't get the dipsomaniac Prussian general again.

[after several tries with no success]   Maybe if I consolidated all my questions into one. 

O Spirit World!  Tell Pundita how the United States can avoid being dragged into another idiotic war in the Middle East! 

[the Ouija starts zipping around the Ouija board]  Wait! Wait! I'm trying to take notes!


Oh my God. I got Metternich.

Maybe with the changing demographic situation (Russian immigration to Israel) it might happen someday?

We (meaning US) sure took some stupid pills or something. Maybe that explains retaining the exact same Saudi alliance post Soviet Union, post 9-11 - even with the energy and dollar and treasury connections....

Hey, there are plenty of Israeli defense and intelligence types worried and afraid of the Saudi-Pakistan alliance (not just Iran). How come they get such short shrift in Western publications, hawk or dove?

Once you go searching on your own, freed of right foot versus left foot, it's amazing what one finds!
Madhu -- Russian immigration to Israel has been going on for decades. Big Russian community therem both Russian-Israeli and expats.

And there is already a pipeline arrangement between Russia and Israel that became operational in 2003, but it's cumbersome without the Iranian component. See Wikpedia's article, "Trans-Israel pipeline."

Thanks for the wiki heads up. There is a wiki on Russian immigration to Israel that says the numbers soared during the 90s.

Immigrant communities from South Asia living in the West had past booms of immigration but the effects were felt in some ways decades later. I was kind of wondering what effect on Israeli society such immigration has had. I don't know. The wiki seems like a good place to start but as you can probably tell, I am a bit out of steam.

I knew the aid would start up again, I knew the old relationships in the Middle East and South Asia won't change unless others force change on the US.

But knowing a thing and having it not affect you - two different things. Right now, my heart's not in it anymore but I hate saying that given the presence of our men and women in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

I always wonder what the reality of Israeli politics is because the way in which, say, India is represented in the American papers is so strange to me that I am always suspicious. What's the real story?
And I still think NATO is a disaster for the US and for other member nations too.
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