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Friday, October 26

Latest: Frankenstorm 90 percent certain to hit East Coast: "This is a beyond-strange situation. It's unprecedented and bizarre."

Translation for Washingtonians: If you haven't stocked up on storm supplies by now prepare to drive to Kansas City to pick up generators and flashlight batteries.

I assume -- I hope -- local stores have supply convoys descending on the region tonight to replenish depleted stocks. But then will come the nightmare on Saturday of millions of late shoppers crowding into about 100 stores in the region.

Tip: Tucked away in odd aisles, CVS has long-lasting dinner table 12" white taper candles; they can be bought singly. PLEASE don't be a supply hog: leave a few in the box for the next desperate person.

Second tip: REMEMBER don't run the generator inside, not even inside a detached garage. If you don't have a special structure built outside to house the generator make do with candles, battery lanterns, etc. until the storm passes. As to when it will pass -- that's the question, now isn't it?
Washington area braces for collision of Hurricane Sandy, nor’easter
By Debbi Wilgoren and William Branigin,
Oct 26, 2012 07:37 PM EDT [the time stamp is a little off, as you can see, but I'd estimate the report was posted within the past hour]
The Washington Post

Schools and government agencies in the Washington area began bracing Friday for Hurricane Sandy, as forecasters predicted that the potential collision of a hurricane and a nor’easter could pummel the region with relentless rains, winds and flooding for several days, starting as early as Sunday.

Meteorologists said the confluence of two such storm systems along a heavily populated corridor like the mid-Atlantic was extremely rare, if not unique.

“This is a beyond-strange situation. It’s unprecedented and bizarre,” the Weather Channel’s Brian Norcross posted on his Facebook page.

The Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang warned that “this storm may be unlike anything the region has ever experienced.”

Even as the East Coast braced for Sandy’s arrival, the storm began to affect the U.S. presidential race Friday. The campaign of Republican candidate Mitt Romney announced the cancellation of a planned Sunday night rally in Virginia Beach because of the hurricane.

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) declared a state of emergency [I think Virginia has also declared the same] and warned that the onslaught could have an impact on early voting ahead of the Nov. 6 elections.
There's more, lots more, in the report. And here's a report about the storm currently 90 percent on track to hit northeast. Have a nice day.

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