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Thursday, October 11

Video of Lara Logan's keynote address in Chicago to warn Washington is downplaying terrorist threat (Updated)

Ah!  I see Long War Journal posted the video at 6:24 PM on the 10th; from my glance at Google News it's been posted elsewhere as well. That's great; the more the merrier! If you have a blog, please post the video!
After posting around 4:00 AM yesterday on the media buzz generated by Logan's controversial speech, then grousing that no transcript was available, I spent the rest of the day immersed in the hearing on Capitol Hill about the Benghazi raid.  So imagine my happiness when I stopped off at Zenpundit 'round midnight and discovered that lo and behold Scott Shipman had scooped up a video of the speech!

What's this? [opening an email] A correspondent has just informed me the video is also up at Chicago Boyz with commentary from Lexington Green!

Yipppeee! This calls for some cumbia music from Bomba Estéreo!  For those just joining the party, see my October 9 In keynote address CBS reporter Lara Logan warns that for two years Washington has been downplaying the terrorist threat: "There is a major lie being propagated".

Scott's comment about the speech:
 This is worth the 20 minutes. Strategy without clarity, isn’t. There is no clarity or strategy to our current problems in Afghanistan.

“We have killed all the slow and stupid ones. But that means the ones that are left are totally dedicated.” Ambassador Ryan Crocker.
Comment from Lex:
Sun Tzu said tactics without strategy is the slow road to defeat. We need a strategy. And the first element in that strategy is, quite literally, sanity. Seeing facts and events and people as they actually are, not as we wish them to be, or pretend that they are. Then, based on reality, determine who our enemies are, then destroy them. We have wasted 11 years. We had a detour into Iraq, and we have pretended that Pakistan, our enemies’ patron and haven, is an ally.

Tell me how this ends. Tell me how we destroy our enemies. Tell me what will replace the current non-strategy, which is the slow road to defeat.
Well there are still plenty of stupid ones left -- the zombie army:  the brainwashed ones, the cannon fodder, but yes, there's plenty of brainpower.  And it's like that Pakistani official told what's his name [I'll settle down shortly] "You've killed al Qaeda's Number Three man five times."

And it's not only Afghanistan and Pakistan. U.S. foreign policy and war strategy have come to resemble a giant game of Twister, with the U.S. government and all its 'allies' doing horse trading (You support me with Syria, I'll support you with Afghanistan.' You support me with Iran I'll support you with Libya' and on and on, until in place of strategy there is a tangle of arms, legs and promises.

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