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Thursday, October 4

"The Night the Audacity of Hype Collapsed"

Riehl World View's Dan Riehl goes straight to the worst problem for Team Obama since last night's presidential campaign debate, which contender Mitt Romney won by a landslide:
It's not the concrete aspects, or the “W” and “L” of last night’s debate that now poses the greatest challenge for Obama. Debates can be and are routinely won or lost by candidates during political campaigns with that outcome playing no significant role at all in the ultimate results of a campaign ending election. It’s the decidedly un-audacious and almost hopeless performance of a floundering and occasionally flailing Barack Obama and how that impacts his image going forward that now poses a risk for Obama, as well as an opening for Romney as his challenger.
Here's the rest of Dan's analysis, headlined The Night the Audacity of Hype Collapsed, which is a riff on the title of Barack Obama's second book, The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream.

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