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Friday, October 19

Obama has Big Bird and binders. Romney has this era's version of Watergate and The Pentagon Papers plus $16 trillion in national debt, almost 8 percent unemployment and the resurgence of al Qaeda

See also my earlier post tonight,  Subpoenaed cables show that for months prior to his death Amb. Chris Stevens repeatedly and strongly warned State HQ that Benghazi security was very bad and driven by Islamists

Now it's also coming out that Obama outsourced the arming of Libyan rebels to the Emir of Qatar and the Saudi monarch, who are Islamists. Hillary Clinton is involved up to her eyelashes. That isn't even to speaking to Obama, Clinton, Petraeus, Gates, Panetta and everyone on the NSC studiously looking the other way while weapons and training and American money for the Arab Spring went to al Qaeda. And all of them covering up what was happening so the American public wouldn't know. It's taken the murder of an American ambassador for the truth to start to come to light. 

All this is saying nothing about the Obama administration's attempts to cover up its crazy scheme to promote 'moderate' Islamists, in an echo of crazy Cold War schemes to promote anti-Communist tyrants, dope dealers and nuclear proliferators and the schemes to cover up the schemes.

Yeah, I know the younger generation of Americans is tired of hearing my generation haul out Vietnam War analogies to talk about the war on terror and Watergate to talk about Benghazi. I understand. I also hoped the younger generation would never have to go through anything like mine did.  It was the extent we were lied to about the Vietnam War, and what it took to bring to public light how much we were lied to -- that's why the wounds can't heal.

Not in America; understand? Somewhere over there in the Soviet Union, somewhere down in Latin America, somewhere in Asia or Africa -- but not in the United States of America. It couldn't be happening.  Not here.  Not here.

Whoa!@ Statecraft is amoral and must needs be so, and crafty.

Now in this case, it's just harmful so it should come to light.

And if we were to take your analogy this would have us arming the North Vietnamese while our troops were fighting in the South.

Watergate was a SCAM. It would have been nothing if it was real. It wasn't. A burglary known 3 weeks in advance by the victim..ah...

The Pentagon Papers only told us that people were saying we were winning when we weren't. And in any case the entire mess wasn't Nixon's.

"Statecraft" whereby the crafters keep shooting themselves in the foot is a contradiction in terms. That's the outrage.

The US was paying VC to get supplies to US forces in the Vietnam jungle, same as it's been paying Taliban to get NATO supplied in A'stan.

And the analogy isn't arming the N. Vietnamese; the analogy is the US trying to help devastated, post-WW2 France hang onto its holdings in Indochina. Same as the US has been trying to help the House of Saud hang onto Mecca and Medina.

As to Watergate, it wasn't the crime it was the attempted cover-up, and the way it it was done, which was the outrage. It was a slap in the face to the American public, a mockery.

As to the Pentagon Papers -- they showed much more than you claim. But again -- and the point I thought I made with absolute clarity in the post -- it was the extent to which the American people were misled, it was the extent of the lies, it was the extent of the betrayal, it was the extent of the utterly useless and completely unncessary American dead and wounded -- all that, all that, all that -- all that came out with the leak of the Pentagon Papers. And again, it was the utter hubris, the utter contempt that the American military and civilian government showed for the American people -- that is what I meant by 'not here.' In a banana republic, in a dictatorship, in a Potemkin democracy -- but not here. Not here. Well, it was here.

Got it? Or do I have to get down on my tummy and draw little stick figures for you?

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