Tuesday, January 10

Brief review ahead of Syrian peace talks in Astana on Jan 23

Hundreds of families return to snow-covered E. Aleppo
2 Dec 2016, Voltaire Network
The Syrian cease-fire documents (complete)
1 Jan 2017, Voltaire Network

22 Dec 2016, The Washington Post

Who appointed Chancellor Merkel the viceroy of Syria?
Berlin Calls for Discussion of Assad's Future at Astana Talks on Syria
2 Jan 2017, Sputnik

3 Jan 2017, Voltaire Network
"President Vladimir Putin has announced that he has concluded a cease-fire agreement for Syria, with Turkey, which until now has been the main operational support for the jihadists. How may we explain this astonishing turn of events? ..."

4 Jan 2017, Sputnik

Life After War: Syria's First Steps Toward Peace
5 Jan 2017, Sputnik

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