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Tuesday, January 10

Brief review ahead of Syrian peace talks in Astana on Jan 23

28 Dec 2016 
Hundreds of families return to snow-covered E. Aleppo

Russian Fleet Leaving Mediterranean Sea Ready to Return to Syria's Waters in Case of Emergency
10 Jan 2017, FARS

Qatar claims responsibility for war against Syria
2 Dec 2016, Voltaire Network

Turkey seems to have turned against Daesh
28 Dec 2016, Voltaire Network

Syrian Army seizes Turkish weapons supply destined for jihadist rebels in Hama
10 Jan 2017, AMN

The Syrian cease-fire documents (complete)
1 Jan 2017, Voltaire Network

Why Saudi Arabia and Qatar are not Part of Syrian Ceasefire Deal
2 Jan 2017, Sputnik

Who appointed Sen. McCain the viceroy of Syria?
John McCain: We have a stake in Syria, yet we have done nothing
22 Dec 2016, The Washington Post

Who appointed Chancellor Merkel the viceroy of Syria?
Berlin Calls for Discussion of Assad's Future at Astana Talks on Syria
2 Jan 2017, Sputnik

Turkey’s about-face
3 Jan 2017, Voltaire Network
"President Vladimir Putin has announced that he has concluded a cease-fire agreement for Syria, with Turkey, which until now has been the main operational support for the jihadists. How may we explain this astonishing turn of events? ..."

Pro-British Groups hostile to intra-Syrian negotiations over Astana
3 Jan 2017, Voltaire Network

Uninvited Saudis, Qatar Behind Syrian Rebel Groups Boycotting Peace Talks
4 Jan 2017, Sputnik

Life After War: Syria's First Steps Toward Peace
5 Jan 2017, Sputnik

What Mainstream Media Won't Show You: Life in 'Fallen' Aleppo Returns to Normal
4 Jan 2017, Sputnik

Thousands Return to Now Peaceful Aleppo But You Won’t See It on CNN
5 Jan 2017, Sputnik

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