Monday, January 23

"The absolute abuse of the intelligence community by the Obama administration" to wreak revenge on Donald Trump

The quote is from Gregory Copley during the John Batchelor Show, broadcast January 20, 2017 (Podcast). The text from the podcast page:

Sneering as a Form of Revolution 

Analysis by Gregory R. Copley, Editor, GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs.

The outgoing Barack Obama Administration and its supporters embarked on a campaign to traduce and challenge the incoming administration of Pres. Donald J. Trump in the hope that it would find it difficult to govern effectively.

This may be unprecedented in US history, and could, to the degree that it succeeds, have an impact on US strategic capabilities, actions, and alliances going forward.

No departing US president had gone to such lengths to use the pulpit of the presidency to discredit an incoming president or presidential candidate as the lengths to which went Obama with Trump. The result was, even by January 2017 — before Mr Trump was sworn into office — to deliberately inflict damage on the strategic credibility and influence of the United States of America going forward.

Pres. Obama continued executive actions after the presidential elections of November 8, 2016 to create long-term US policy which the Trump Administration would find difficult to reverse, including a last-minute donation of a second tranche of $500-million to the United Nations Green Climate Fund (diverting funds from the State Dept. budget [for aid projects], which avoided Congressional rejection).[1]

More pernicious attempts to undermine the incoming Administration’s agenda were undertaken discreetly, and flew directly in the face of the hypocritical claims by Mr Obama that he was working to ease the transition process for the new Administration. He was, in fact, working in the opposite direction. Most of his actions were done after the electorate had repudiated Pres. Obama’s (and his Democratic Party’s) policies, putting in place a Republican administration, a Republican House of Representatives and Senate, and a majority of Republican governorships and state politicians.

Pres. Obama, in the time following the elections, quietly sanctioned a concerted program of civil unrest and disobedience at many levels of US society, particularly within government departments which have been heavily staffed by Democrats.

The incoming Trump Administration would need to undertake a major program of staff retrenchment within Federal Government departments to avoid the obfuscation and deliberate sabotage being proposed. Pres. Obama also went to considerable lengths to discredit the incoming Administration in the international community. ...."


1) While $500m isn't a large amount by government standards today, Gregory explains that it would be enough to keep the Green Climate Fund going for a time.

His discussion also covers more serious issues (China, Iran) in which Obama's actions while president have made things hard for the incoming administration, although this happened at times previous to the presidential election.


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