Sunday, January 22

Trump turns prayer service at Washington National Cathedral into love fest

The Trump Clan descends on the Cathedral
January 21, 2017

But prayer service or no, Trump was working the crowd at the Cathedral. The Daily Mail (all the photos here are from the Mail) has a funny video of Trump trying to sing a hymn but he keeps turning to eyeball the crowd and quickly loses his place in the sheet music.  

 How about those clergy? Aren't they great, folks?

Fist-bumping with the Rev. Ramiro Peña

Pretty soon Trump's irrepressible good spirits won out. This is a man who loves people, who's not afraid of people, and others feel that about about him in his presence. By the end everyone was crowding around, realizing Trump doesn't put distance between himself and others.

Plenty more photos of the event are at the Daily Mail website here and here


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